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Intent to Apply / Intent to Challenge (CLAIM PAGE)

This page is being enstated as part of our trial open application period. This page is ONLY FOR CLAIMS. Comments are screened. People can comment here with their intent to apply. This is not a requirement, but it's helpful in that it gets the word out that your application will possibly be coming in (along with building up excitement) and also allows someone else to submit an intent to challenge in a timely manner. Even if you submit an intent to apply, you are not required to actually send in the application, though we'd prefer it if people commented only when they were relatively certain that they will be applying.

To make certain that competition is still possible, anyone can also comment here with an intent to challenge. If you see a name on the "Intended Application" or "Received Applicaton" list (over HERE) for a character that you also wish to apply for, you must then comment here letting us know that you are going to challenge that application. If the first application has already been received, you will have one week to get your challenge app in. If it's only an intent, then the time period will depend on when the first application comes in.

If a challenge comes up, the original applicant will be notified that their application has been challenged and that a response to their app may be delayed due to this.

Comments will be screened to hide the identity of applicants and challengers, though feel free to request that your username is shown on the list if you want people to know that it's you. As applications will be opening February 15th, we will be accepting both comments with intent to app and challenges to any listed intented applications now!
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We only allow one request at a time per person, so please choose between them!
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Using a bulletin post as your first-person is fine!