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Taken Characters (Patients)

Taken Characters

6[personal profile] 6toleadus
    Kei → N/A

Ace Attorney

Lana Skye[personal profile] fourstonewalls
    Sarah → [personal profile] valentinite

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

Sechs[personal profile] sixth_attack
    Andro → [personal profile] androgyn


Ishida Uryuu[personal profile] repelling
    Jules → [ profile] scuttling

Book of Joby

Gabriel[personal profile] impudentsongbird
    Pur → [personal profile] purple_drake

Death Note

L[personal profile] ryuuzaki
    E → [personal profile] eru_dition

Doctor Who / Torchwood

The Doctor[personal profile] timedork
    Javits → [personal profile] javits


Orihara Izaya[personal profile] propheteer
    Javits → [personal profile] javits

Fullmetal Alchemist

Alphonse Elric[personal profile] armoredsoul
    CaityCat → [personal profile] caitycat

Edward Elric[personal profile] fullmetalheart
    Firebird → [personal profile] firebird308

Lust[personal profile] a_sin_for_him
    Faye → [personal profile] said_scarlett

Scar[personal profile] envy_the_sinners
    Lauren → [personal profile] latiaos

Gundam 00

Soma Peries[personal profile] madeinthehrl
    Irene → [personal profile] simplyirenic

Inazuma Eleven GO

Tsurugi Kyousuke[personal profile] knightspirit
    Aluria → [personal profile] matsukaze

Kingdom Hearts

Sora[personal profile] lighthearted
    Court → [personal profile] court

The Legend of Korra

Korra[personal profile] rebonding
    Lauren → [personal profile] latiaos

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Link[personal profile] his_legacy
    Lauren → [personal profile] latiaos

Lost Odyssey

Tolten Uhra[personal profile] age_of_kings
    Faye → [personal profile] said_scarlett

Megaman Zero

X[personal profile] maverickhunterx
    Jen → [personal profile] jenniferdarknight

Zero[personal profile] dividedby
    Ginga → [personal profile] ginga270


Nina Fortner[personal profile] mirrorimage
    Rue → [personal profile] incindiary


Uchiha Sasuke[personal profile] firewhichrefines
    Pathy → [personal profile] kerpathy

One Piece

Brook[personal profile] somesoulsearching
    Kiarae → [personal profile] kiarae

Persona 3

Aigis[personal profile] no_dont_go
    Cager → [personal profile] dreamcager

Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant[personal profile] skeletonenigma
    Amaraq → [personal profile] amaraqwolf

Soul Eater

Nakatsukasa Tsubaki[personal profile] thecamellia
    Shira → [ profile] blind_nights

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Claude C. Kenni[personal profile] earthling
    Jansen → [personal profile] jacket


Castiel[personal profile] freewill
    Court → [personal profile] court

Tales of Symphonia

Kratos Aurion[personal profile] forsworn
    Tiki → [personal profile] tiki

Lloyd Irving[personal profile] redcladidealist
    Nivi → [ profile] lithic_rune

Tales of the Abyss

Anise Tatlin[personal profile] gald_digger
    Pazu → [personal profile] pazu

Guy Cecil[personal profile] nobleman
    Court → [personal profile] court

Tales of Vesperia

Rita Mordio[personal profile] overlimit
    Pazu → [personal profile] pazu

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Kurogane[personal profile] seekingmystrength
    Kiarae → [personal profile] kiarae

Vampire Knight

Aidou Hanabusa[personal profile] idolism
    Shira → [ profile] blind_nights

The Vorkosigan Saga

Taura[personal profile] ninelivesonce
    Sarah → [personal profile] valentinite

Youko x Boku SS

Miketsukami Soushi[personal profile] ever_loyal_dog
    Mika → [personal profile] pannon

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